Real Launches RealCommunity, Unsigned Artist Site

RealCommunityRealNetworks just launched RealCommunity, free music community that lets unsigned groups and artists upload their own music, create profile pages and sell their music online.

RealMusic and RealGuide users will be exposed to top-ranking artists (based on user rankings) in RealCommunity.  Both digital downloads and ringtones can be offered for sale, with 50% of the net sale going to the artist.  Nice.  A few links:

RealCommunity home page

RealCommunity FAQ

Artist Sign-Up (you need to provide your cell phone number to start)

Check it out…look for GarageSpin. 🙂  (I uplodated the same acoustic version of "Spinning Daydream" that’s currently in the GarageSpin Ringtone Store…woohoo)




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