Poll: Best Name for Cover Song & Portrait YouTube Mashup?

seeing a portrait of Usher being painted from scratch and hearing a cover of his hit song. The BIG question:  What should the name of the YouTube channel be?  (Pick 1 or 2) [poll id=”6″] The other big question:  Sure, it might be a fun endeavor for kicks.  But would any YouTuber care to watch?  Let me know what you think.]]>





10 responses to “Poll: Best Name for Cover Song & Portrait YouTube Mashup?”

  1. Jennifer Kristen Avatar

    Sounds like really fun!! I'm interested to know are you folks sort out any cover song or portrait. Thanks and keep publishing.

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Thanks, Jennifer. We're excited about the project, and will absolutely share soon. Thanks!

  2. Media transcription Avatar

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  7. free money kevin Avatar

    I have voted up for notes ‘n’ strokes. I feel this might be the correct selection for the mashup. Well, mashup is all about strokes and the way they are mixed up right. Thank you for sharing this and giving us a chance to choose.

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