Podcast Market – Fact or Fiction?

For a mere $1,495, you can get the latest Diffusion Group podcast report, Podcasting as an Extension of Portable Digital Media – Fact, Fiction, and Opportunity, released yesterday. Before you do, be sure to read Om’s take on the predictions. Consultants and lawyers will always have the most to gain from advances in technology. …Still, whether or not podcasting will be profitable for corporations, there is no question that unsigned bands are already benefiting from podcast exposure. (Thanks, Taylor) ]]>






2 responses to “Podcast Market – Fact or Fiction?”

  1. Kate Johnson Avatar

    The recent podcasting market report (July 2005) called “Demystifying Podcasting” provides detailed business analysis and market size information. The report is available from http://www.ipodcastle.com.

    If you have “how to make money from podcasting” type of business questions, you may want to take a look at http://www.ipodcastle.com to get ideas.

  2. Steve Johns Avatar

    iPodCastle report is an excellent piece for understanding the business models of podcasting. Although this report is highly recommended for business readers, I wish we had such an objective piece on the podcasting technology. http://www.ipodcastle.com

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