Pics from the Weekend: Rapple and Crappie Derby

Amusing microscene #1:  Rapple Gumballs Hermaphroditic apple-raspberry creatures busting rhymes — you can’t beat that concept.  I also think “Rapple” is an incredibly awesome band name, and far, FAR better than “GarageSpin.”  I’m unsure what fruit the green dude is supposed to be…  (Found on a 25 cent gumball machine at a rest stop on Route 87.)

rapple bubble gum

Amusing microscene #2: Crappie Derby

I normally avoid any event, location, product, or service that is in any way described as being “crappie”.  Yet this one requires a $2.00 registration fee.  More amusing is the fact that the poster brags about “toilet facilities on ice.”  Not for me, thanks.  (Seen in Whitney Point, NY.)

Crappie Derby

Good times, good times.]]>






3 responses to “Pics from the Weekend: Rapple and Crappie Derby”

  1. tara Avatar

    Ah–road trip signs are the best! I think in the Rapple picture, the red guy is the raspberry and the green one is a green apple. Or maybe both are hybrids of each other. For 25 cents, who knows! The Crappie is funny too. You know, it took me quite a while to figure out what that actually was! I guess it’s a sort of festival on the ice in honor of a fish called the “crappie?” They could call it a winter carnival, but I guess that wouldn’t be as much fun…

  2. Accidental Stumbler Avatar
    Accidental Stumbler

    Pronounced Crop-e, not crap -e, but still entertaining.

  3. essaysintime Avatar

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