Oreo Cookie Jingle, AKA "Dare to Wonder" Song

Project Runway online, because this is my Friday highlight (never can I watch live tv these days, even though, yes, I’m still paying Cablevision 14 some dollars a month to have 2 cold cable boxes)-when what to my wondering laptop should appear? But a wonder-filled jingle, a boon to my ear! Yes, this is when I first heard that super catchy “Oreo Cookie Song.” Okay, I guess it’s really called “Dare to Wonder,” and it’s really the subtle voices of Tegan and Sara (identical twins from Canada who have been creating together for 2 decades). And it’s really trying to sell me on trying new limited-time flavors of oreo cookies…but man…it is one inspiring jingle.  Apparently, I’m not alone, as the youtube video alone has over 14 million views (well, the jingle has been out for over a year–how did I miss it until now?). Check it out:

So well done, Oreo. You might not get me to try one of your new flavors, because, well, the last time I bought Oreo cookies was probably when Tegan and Sara formed their band. But you will get me to actually listen to your ad and not mute the laptop when Lifetime makes me watch an extra 3 minutes of ads just because I had to refresh my page since the connection stopped working. And you’ll probably get me to dance a little bit too. And maybe crave cookies. Oreo cookies. Okay, so maybe it’s not impossible for this ad to have actually worked on me…Perhaps…But luckily I mostly shop at Trader Joe’s and they don’t have oreos there. Although it is only a few stores down from the Stop and Shop…so… Lesson: Don’t shop when you’re hungry and have just seen Project Runway… And for all of you who are wondering what those beautiful words of this beautiful jingle are–here are the lyrics to “Dare to Wonder,” or, “The Oreo Cookie Song.” Dare to Wonder/The Oreo Cookie Song Lyrics: Wonder if we tried a new thing, looked inside, see what we can bring Forget who you’re supposed to be, take all your crazy flavors, show them all to me If we dare to wonder about what holds us down, the fears, the doubts, Could we spark something, watch it grow? Be more wonder-filled than we know. Share your thoughts: What commercial jingle makes you put down your cell phone and watch/listen to it? Where were you when you first heard the ever-famous Oreo Cookie Song? Does having a good song make you more likely to take notice and buy the product? How do you feel about the musicians using their talent for advertisements?]]>



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