OPML Meetup in NYC

Dave Winer, the mack daddy behind podcasting technology, demoed his new OPML tool in NYC today. (OPML = Outline Processor Markup Language — explanation here) The techies were giddy. The venture capitalists were calculating. I mostly just fed on the snacks provided. But I could tell from the excited giggles, stunned stares, and statements like “This his hot, Dave,” that we were witnessing the beginning of something big, similar to the revolutions in online publishing caused by blogging and podcasting. Ryan from Droxy was the only attendee able to achieve a wireless Internet connection, and blogged about the demo in real time, in case you’re interested. There could be big changes in the way people create, share, and listen to music, even beyond podcasts… UPDATE: Coverage abounds. ]]>






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  1. Gideon Marken Avatar

    “There could be big changes in the way people create, share, and listen to music”

    Taking a quick look over OPML, I’m not so sure how you see this as being any great change in the creation of music.

    Sharing and listening – maybe, but in terms of a playlist format, XSPF is already growing as a solid format: http://www.xspf.org – does Winer address XSPF?

    Maybe you could expand on what you meant by this statement: “There could be big changes in the way people create, share, and listen to music” – as I’m not seeing what is exciting about this asside from it being another method of wrapping data up in XML. Distribution methods are always interesting – but it all depends on market uptake.

  2. mikeb Avatar

    Gideon, Thanks, I should clarify. Indeed, I was referring to the act of publishing when I referenced music ‘creation’. OPML by itself is not very mind-blowing, but I believe it’s very blank-slate at this time, much in the same way RSS was when it first emerged, only to be followed by several applications of it that revolutionized information exchange. Dave’s tool was only a hint of things to come.

    If nothing else, I certainly enjoyed the food at the demo. I’ll let others more technically qualified decide how to use OPML and XPSF, and focus on jamming. 🙂

  3. Austin Pauls Avatar

    Thanks for linking to my blog.

  4. mikeb Avatar

    Any time, Austin!

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