$1 Million Bucks for a Hit Song Copyright on Ebay?

You can buy the semi-guaranteed hit song copyright, “Never is Forever”, for the measly sum of $1,000,000.00 on Ebay. Just to be clear, it’s the song’s author, Floyd Murray, making the semi-guarantee, saying, “I humbly must admit, based on my gut and the response that this song brings, that this is a major hit song.”  The cynic in me normally ignores PR stunts such as this one, but in this case, the cynic in me actually wanted to hear the song…to trash it. Here’s the thing — the song actually IS good, and has hit potential.  I’m not sure it’s worth $1M, but it may provide just enough legs to help Murray find an interested song publisher.  Kudos to Floyd on a solid self-promotion effort.  Floyd, if you read this a couple issues:

  • Try as I might, I can’t seem to find song auction on Ebay Oops, nevermind, the auction starts on March 26th.
  • The song video (see below) is not in YouTube. Why not? Leverage the video capitol of the world… (Ok, the video IS on YouTube, however it’s not linked to in the press release. Thanks, Chris!)
  • Floyd’s website needs serious help, partying like it’s 1999.  My eyes still hurt…
Otherwise, kudos, and best of luck, Floyd.  Here he is singing the song — what do you think?
Let the bidding begin.  (Let me know if you find the auction…)]]>


14 responses to “$1 Million Bucks for a Hit Song Copyright on Ebay?”

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Thanks, Chrissy!

  1. Mike Avatar

    Thanks, Chrissy! I may use this version instead of the one I currently have posted, which uses autoplay, which is pretty annoying. (I’m surprised CNN doesn’t offer an option to turn autoplay off.)

  2. Floyd Murray Avatar

    Mike, Thank you so much for the "plug" and the great write up! I'm glad you got those first 2 issues resolved. As for the 3rd one, you were off by 10 years. Still partying like it's 1989!! Yes, I agree that my site home page is… well, as you called it. It is my legacy of learning HTML. If you dig deeper into my site, it gets better as my coding got better.

    This thing is really starting to take off, and the bridge of my song “Never Is Forever” is really becoming my daily mantra:

    “Never ever give up on your dreams
    For they will guide you
    Never close your mind to possibilities
    Because anything is possible
    Never ever give less than all you can give
    And never ever give up on the faith that you have in me”

    I am so grateful to everyone who has put his or her positive energy into this. Thank you so much!



    P.S. I've been plugging your site everywhere!

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Floyd: You bet, I wish you the best of luck. Keep us posted with how everything turns out. (And thanks for the GarageSpin plugs!) 🙂

  3. Brian Franke Avatar

    It's a typical G C D song, so a bit unoriginal to me. Somewhat catchy, but not my cup o'tea.

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Brian – I actually agree. It's probably not my cup of tea, either. BUT, I do believe it could be a mass market's cup of tea if produced as either a country or pop song. (Mylie Cyrus, Tricia Yearwood, etc.) And those types of songs often are GCD, with catchy choruses and solid phrasing.) It's not something I would write or die to buy, but I'd certainly consider producing it for a pop star.

  4. Floyd Murray Avatar

    The auction is now active on eBay. Here's a direct link… please share this with EVERYONE you can. Especially people in the music, entertainment and news media industries. Thanks!


    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Very cool, Floyd, congrats on the launch. I tried to kick off bidding, but the lowest bid amount is $1,000,000…a bit out of my range. 🙂 You're playing it "all-or-nothing", which I respect. Good luck! -mike

  5. Xell Avatar

    Beautiful song! Love the sound.

  6. Hobo Avatar

    What? Only one million bucks? No but serious: Isn't that an interesting marketing trick? Why don't sell song copyrights via eBay?

    If you are an unknown musician and write a "hit" song no one will listen. But if you sell it for $13 at eBay and the buyer knows how to market it, get it into the radios… then you will maybe lose thousands of dollars but you will be famous afterwards and can make a serious amount of cash with your next album or gigs.

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Yup, agreed, it is an interesting promotional idea. There are actually a couple companies that help do that…but I'm not remembering them, currently. YouLicense.com offers a related music licensing service, as do a few other online destinations. It really is not a bad way to get your name out there. (That's kind of what aspiring professional songwriters do all the time, but is not a technique used by artists trying to "break the ice" very often.)

  7. Floyd Murray Avatar

    The song has been getting rave reviews, but no one has put up a million bucks for it yet. It is now on ebay classifieds for "Make An Offer". Search eBay item# 170473435580

  8. Yessir Avatar

    Are u serious????

    Wanted: new record labels in need of reduced priced marketing materials:

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