Occupy Wall Street Protest Jams

Occupy Wall Street movement is pretty impressive, growing from a mere 1,000 protesters in New York City to 15,000, plus thousands more in cities in over 25 different countries.  Cardboard boxes, pepper spray, celebrity visits, union participation, arrests, Reddit support, and lobbyist nightmares are all part of the story, and good stories inspire songs, some good, some bad. Here are a couple Occupy Wall Street protest ditties circulating YouTube currently, answering the question WWBDD (What Would Bob Dylan Do).  Sort of.  What do you think?  Inspired and provocative or bandwagon-jumping and opportunistic?

“Occupy Wall Street” by Jeremy Gilchrist

This guy’s got a nice voice, and seems a little more serious about the issues…

“Occupy Wall Street Protest Song” by Remi

Remi always makes me laugh.  If you’re a “The Times They Are a-Changin’” fan, you may like this as well.

“Occupy Wall Street” by FacingMecca

Way to throw down, FM.

“Smile” by Jay Samel

Who’s the guy who keeps creepily whispering “the 99%”..?






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