NYC Sound Lab: Music Product Meets Gym Membership

Witness the evolution of recording technology solutions before your very eyes. First there were expensive, professional recording studios that labels dominated, and bands struggled to afford. Then, digital audio allowed mass migration to basement- and garage-based home recording studios. Now, Soundnasium™ Sound Lab is opening a audio-gymnasium of sorts, creating a hybrid of the past. Each booth is stocked with incredible gear, including MPCs, digital workstations, Reason, Pro Tools, etc. Pretty cool. As described by Remix:

In one stop, you can learn how to hone the equipment, produce your beat, record your sounds, and walk out at the end with your freshly pressed 12-inch vinyl and a smile on your face.
Sounds rather nice, no? CEO & Founder, DJ Sean Anderson is the visionary behind Soundnasium™. I may need to stop by on May 6 — maybe I’ll see Peter there. ]]>






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  1. Peter Kirn Avatar

    I will try to make it — can swing by after a rehearsal!

    Wonder how it will compare to the upgraded Scratch Academy.


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