NJ Recording Studios 'n' Home Recording

I had the opportunity to provide a little commentary to another recording-studios-facing-threat-of-home-recording themed article published today by the Courier News, kind of similar to the recording studio article last week.

My new hero is John Forrestal, a 19-year (old also quoted in the article) whose home recording studio became a small business while he was still in high school.  He records jazz artists, singer-songwriters, etc.  (I think I was still collecting comic books in 9th or 10th grade.  Fortunately, I also started playing guitar around that time.)  John’s way ahead of his time, but then so is the entire Apple GarageBand generation, I guess.

It’s great to be a songwriter in the 21st century.








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  1. SomeAudioGuy Avatar

    I’ll second that.
    We’re also starting to see the advances you musicians are making pay off for the animation and sound design disciplines.

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