Nine Inch Nails Releases Another GarageBand Track

NIN Track NIN is releasing another track, “Only” on With Teeth, in several file formats, including GarageBand, ACID, Live, and Pro Tools. Trent explains:

Well, the experiment of releasing The Hand That Feeds in GarageBand format was a resounding success. … I’ve enjoyed and cringed at what you’ve done with my song. Thank you (I think). For those of you unaware, I essentially gave away the master multitrack sessions for that song for you to remix / reinterpret / ruin. (from Mac Observer)
Tons of remix submissions from the first track can be found at Unofficial THTF Remix Contest. I heard Trent’s track on the radio the other day. The exposure NIN is getting seems to be working. I’m betting the same attempt at viral marketing wouldn’t work quite as well if he had released the track as a Cubase file. Is there a “GarageBand for the PC”? ]]>






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