Nimbit's Instant Band Site WordPress Plugin

band site plugin for wordpressWell, any band that still doesn’t have a website shouldn’t have too much more of an excuse to delay.  Nimbit (which apparently stands for “New Ideas for Music Business and Internet Technology”…phew, quite a mouthful)  just created a FREE WordPress plugin called Instant Band Site that offers pretty much all of the most important functionality a band might need.  A few of the features include:

  • Storefront for downloads and merchandise
  • Photo album page
  • Email list sign-up functionality
  • Music player
  • A bunch of other pages, plugins, widgets ‘n’ goodies…
Some of the drag-n-drop content modules don’t look as aesthetic as the could be.  If you use too many in the sidebar, for example, it gets packed with quite a lot of text (which is even apparent in the “Developer’s Walkthrough” video).  But otherwise, the key content pages/modules are solid.  The Storefront Page looks especially good, and I’m actually considering using it  for GarageSpin at a later date, when I have more finished music available. Bands still need to 1) have a webhost (which costs something), and 2) install WordPress (which is free).  “Pro” (non-free) versions of the plugin do even more.  Definitely worth considering if you’re amping up your site to sell directly to fans, especially if you’re looking to spend more time on music, and less on blog-tweaking.  Kudos to Nimbit for a solid offering. You can check out more info on the free plugin here: Nimbit’s Instant Band Site plugin.]]>





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