New GarageSpin Design Launched – What Do You Think?

here). Like the Bionic Man, it’s bigger, faster, and stronger than before (the blogosphere will bend to my very will, broo-ha-ha-haaa…).  I’m still tweaking some things here and there…but then, that process never really ends, so…what do you think?

WordPress Plugin-Crazy

Now 100% WordPress-powered (bye-bye Movable Type), there are quite a few new tools under the hood.  For you WordPress junkies, here’s a list of the plugins I’m using so far:  Akismet, All-in-One-SEO Pack, Comment Relish, Dewplayer, Feedburner Feedsmith, Get Recent Comments, Contextual Related Posts, Google Analytics for WordPress, Official Statcounter Plugin, TellAFriend, Twitter Tools, WordPress Automatic Upgrade, WordPress Database Backup, WP-Contact Form: Akismet Edition, and WP-Polls.  I’m using Dada Mail for mailing list management.  Would you recommend any others?

Next on the To Do List…

I plan to take a break from web design to get back to music over the next couple of months.  Some next steps:
  • Finish new song “20-20 Foresight”
  • Choose between Intense Debate and Disqus comment plugin solutions (ok, it’s not music, but it’d still an important upgrade I need to get done)
  • Write a song about WordPress
  • Select a new way to post music (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or another tool)


Big thanks go to Brad, Jesse at iThemes, and Scott for help and advice at different points in the process.  All are great guys (and are pros when it comes to WordPress site design).  Also, big thanks to Taylor and Tara for support and encouragement along the way.

What Else??

What does this website need?  How can I improve it?  Besides the obvious — more music and more posts….]]>





8 responses to “New GarageSpin Design Launched – What Do You Think?”

  1. Matt Rodela Avatar

    Looks good! Welcome to WordPress, I think you’ll find it’s easy to use and has tons of plug-ins and support! I use it for my music page and it’s a god-send.

  2. Chris Avatar

    Mike – if I may, I’d love it if you also considered JS-Kit for your comments. I’d love feedback on your thoughts on how it compares with the others you are considering 🙂

    I hope that with Picture Commenting, Facebook Connect, Threading, Emoticons, User Profiles, OpenID, Embedded Video and other rich features you will love it!

    Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts –


    Chris – JS-Kit Team

  3. Mike Avatar

    Matt: Thanks for checking out the site. I’ve already downloaded 30+ plugins…and am resisting the urge to turn them all on simultaneously. 🙂 I’m a big WP fan now.

    Chris: I’ll absolutely check out JS-Kit for comment management as well…it sounds pretty powerful!

  4. tara Avatar

    Well, I am overwhelmed by all of the cool applications you have! I can’t think of anything else to add just yet–still exploring what you have now! Love the website! Great job!

  5. Joe from GigPay Avatar

    Everything’s looking good here. I’ve always been a fan of WordPress and I must say it’s good to see GarageSpin on it.

    Oh and if you’re considering it, SoundCloud would be good too.

    Onwards and upwards!

  6. boolean Avatar

    I’d avoid disqus as a discussion plugin. A couple of friends had it wreck a bunch of comments on their site. I don’t have a strong recommendation for an alternative though.

    Looks good!

  7. radionowhere Avatar

    Really like the new site design – nice work (and I say that as someone who started visiting years ago).

  8. Mike Avatar

    tara: Thanks for the copmliments!

    Joe: SoundCloud is great…I may very well need to think about using it instead of ReverbNation. I’m also a fan of Hm…

    boolean: Interesting…maybe I’ll lean towards IntenseDebate…though I’ve heard good things about both, and a couple other services as well. Big decision…as it’s a major structural change to WP.

    radionowhere: Thanks, Matt! (and btw, thanks for continuing to read GS!)

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