New BradSucks Album: Out of It

brad sucks - out of itOne of my DIY heroes, Brad Sucks, is releasing his second album, Out of It, next week.  Absolutely check it out; I’m pretty psyched about it myself.  Lovin’ the album cover art.  

Nice job, Brad.

You know an album is good when it makes you want to record more music.







2 responses to “New BradSucks Album: Out of It”

  1. Office Overlord Avatar
    Office Overlord

    Have you submitted a video for “Fake It” yet?

    After all, if someone else will expose you, you won’t have to expose yourself anymore. (Er…wait, that didn’t sound right…)

  2. garagespin Avatar

    Office Overlord: No, I haven’t! I’m afraid I’ll have to pass…I’m in the final mixing stage for my song “Avalanche” beta…

    And hey, watch your mouth. 😉

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