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Real World Digital AudioCreate Digital Music’s Peter Kirn‘s new book, Real World Digital Audio, recently hit the shelves, and I managed to score a copy.  It’s quite a whopper, covering everything from the basics of audio and digital audio physics, software, hardware, etc, to audio synthesis, live performance and film/video scoring.

Actually, it’s the dive into music synthesis, live performance, and film/video scoring that really differentiates this book from other home studio intros.  They give a wide perspective on what’s possible with DIY digital audio.  Personally, the application of digital audio software in live performances is something I’d love to dig into, but have yet to try…this book provided me with the intro I’ve needed.  It’s actually, um, possible now.

But the book also provides a great 101 intro of all the basics for someone just starting out, including a breakdown of the gear options one faces, etc.  Explanations are provided, recommendations are made at multiple pricing and brand levels, etc.  Well done.

I love the fact that it supports the reader with tutorials using software that’s included in the book.  It’s a win-win for newbie readers exploring audio and software vendors reaching out to new customers.  Audacity, IK Multimedia AmpliTube UNO, IK Multimedia Sampletank Free, Native Instruments SoundSchool Analog, Ableton Live, and Cakewalk Kinetic are all included as full or partial versions, along with a number of free plugins, utilities, and samples.

In summary:  great stuff, RWDA is definitely one of the best introductions to DIY digital audio available now.

(Check in tomorrow for an interview I was able to conduct with Peter about his blog, book, and conference-hopping experiences.)








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