Napster, iRadio, Satellite Radio – Great For Indie Artists

Napster_To_GoThe explosion of portable music subscription offerings is good news for home recording studio musicians and indie labels.Napster To Go, XM and Sirius satellite radio, iRadio, and MusicGremlin are all included. An iPod owner buys music he or she already knows. A music subscriber pays for a “celestial jukebox” encompassing all existing music, removing the cost of experimentation. On-demand genre and mood-based playlists are not bound by radio rotation requirements, and are able to dig deeper into less mainstream music. Listeners get the benefit of discovering new artists they like. Motorola iRadioI was blown away by six new bands I had never heard of within the first few weeks of using Rhapsody (an online music subscription service) as a RealNetworks employee. With the launch of portable music subscription services, such as iRadio, Napster To Go, and MusicGremlin, and satellite radio, many more consumers will discover new music in the same way. That’s great for independent music; crank up your home recording stuio and record away! ]]>






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  1. Marc Avatar


    Rhapsody is probably the greatest tool for discovering new bands. I’ve been hooked on it for almost two years now.

    I know a girl ( who just released an album on her own and she’s about to get her songs featured on Rhapsody.

    Speaking of which, how would one go about featuring their music on Rhapsody?


  2. Mike Avatar

    Thanks, Marc. I completely agree. I’ve tried many of the online music subscription services (MusicNow, MusicMatch, Launch), and Rhapsody was by far the best. I’m not using it now, but might have to reconsider (though the Apple Shuffle has been wooing me lately).

    Rhapsody doesn’t seem to solicit independent work (popular content is what generates subscriptions, after all), but perhaps there’s a channel through which she found an inroad? If you talk to Jen, please ask her what she did, and keep us posted..! I just emailed Rhapsody asking them about independent submissions.

    I do know that independent artists can submit their music to the Apple iTunes store:

    Let’s see what we can find out.


  3. The World Technology Center Avatar

    How to Rip Off Napster-to-Go

    Published by: GizmodoYou know, if you sign up for Napster-to-Go and don’t realize that your music is going to disappear when you stop paying them money, you’re not a victim of the bloodsucking media barons—you’re a tard. Once, I payed the cable c…

  4. Steven Avatar


    Launchcast is a pretty cool application for indie bands also. They have a radio station devoted to strictly indie bands, but also you can select your favorite bands and they will play other bands that you may not have heard of based on your music tastes.

  5. Mike Avatar

    Yahoo Launch is a great service! I’ve used it before, but had not been aware of the Indie station — thanks for the tip!

  6. Denis Avatar

    I use Napster and I don’t get the “renting music” thing. The ten bucks a month is for the ability to listen to full length versions of thousands of songs. If you want to own something then, like itunes, you buy it. It is two differnt services.

  7. Carl Parker c/o TRU-TALENT RECORDS Avatar

    I would like to know who and how to submit our music to your station? Please call 757-719-3020 Thanks!

  8. TOBIAS Avatar

    I would also like to know how to submit music to these venues

  9. Ty Avatar

    Does anyone know how to submit music to ITunes as an Indy artist without having to go through one of their major label services? I’m working for an indy artist ( and when I filled out the application and they finally reviewed it but they just said: “After careful consideration of your application, we believe that the most efficient way to get your content up on iTunes in a timely fashion would be for you to deliver the content through one of the several digital service providers with whom we currently work.” Mike, did you have to go through one of the service providers, or did they actually let you put it up by yourself?

  10. WildRover Avatar

    Ty – go through CD Baby — they will handle iTunes submission for you, along with several other digital distribution outlets (not Rhapsody however).

  11. WildRover Avatar

    Correction — CD Baby does submit to Rhapsody.

  12. Todd raglin Avatar

    The best down south music google smokeville

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