MySpace's Customer Service Sucks

A while ago, I created a profile for my stage name, DreamSpin, on MySpace.  At the time, I didn’t realize there was a difference between Personal Profiles and Band Profiles — I discovered that last week, when I finally tried to upload my first song, and failed to find a way.

I’ve now sent a total of 5-6 emails to MySpace’s customer support, and each one was answered with the same automated response that failed to answer my question: "How do I convert my personal profile into a band profile,  so I can upload my music?".

Inquiries I sent to Tagworld and Bebo (two social networking sites with ‘band’ functionality, that both work better than MySpace), however, were clearly answered by humans.  If MySpace wasn’t so friggin’ dominant, I would simply ignore it…sigh.  Jerks.

UPDATE:  Apparently, you used to be able to click on this link (or paste the URL into a browser) to convert a personal profile to a band profile:

Unfortunately, the link no longer works — you ARE deceptively taken to a "band bio" section of your page, but any info you enter is not saved, you can’t upload any music, and your main profile page remains unchanged.  Supposedly, MySpace is trying to fix the problem…but who knows.  If you hear any news, PLEASE share!

UPDATE:  I gave up waiting for the conversion process to be updated.  On 12/26/2006, after experimenting a few times first with "dummy" profiles (you can’t be too careful), I deleted my personal profile, and created a new band profile from scratch for DreamSpin.  More about this process here.







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  1. MikeB Avatar

    Hey Natalie,

    Thanks for the tip! I tried the URL, and it semi-worked; I got to a band page that I was able to edit, huray! However, it wouldn’t let me upload any music, and when I went to my profile page, none of the band info was there. (Nor did the band info I entered remain in the band fields after I entered it…I would get a message afterwards saying, “This text will become searchable within 24 hours.” Maybe the updates will show up tomorrow? Either that, or, the band conversion page doesn’t work anymore.

    Thanks for the tip — I’ll check it out this weekend to see if any change takes place!


  2. thehipcola Avatar

    I had EXACTLY the same problem. After at least 6 emails, I actually sent one requesting they delete the whole account, which they did quickly enough. Then I re-signed up for a band profile. What a hugely popular and totally broken web experience that is… And like you said, you can’t ignore it. Sigh…

  3. Don M Avatar

    I did the same thing and managed to find a link buried in some FAQ somewhere. I blogged about it at

    Not sure if that works anymore since it was from the beginning of the year but it’s worth a shot.

  4. MikeB Avatar

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the old “convert” URL is working. Of the many emails I’ve sent to MySpace about the problem, most return with canned, unrelated answers. However, one returned with:

    That issue is currently being resolved. Please be patient.
    Thank you,”

    You have to wonder if that’s also an automated reponse, or if someone is actually working on the problem…one can only hope.

  5. Dahlia Avatar

    Okay, it’s 6 hours later but I’m glad I’ve read this. Thanks for the info. I’m experiencing that same fate so I guess I’ll stick to what I have until the problem is ‘fixed’! Thanks again and Happy New Year!

  6.  Avatar

    Dude wtf, just make a band profile alone, it takes like 4 seconds, put a link to ur personel pro, and on your personel pro put a link to you band pro, slacker….

  7.  Avatar

    dude, it’s not about slackin, it’s about not hassling your friends to give you the add again, especially if you’ve amassed quite a few

  8.  Avatar

    dude, it’s not about slackin, it’s about not hassling your friends to give you the add again, especially if you’ve amassed quite a few

  9. Ray Avatar

    Oh wow! I had the exact same problem. So then I gave up and made a new, band profile, after deleting old profile, but then the URL was still “in use” supposedly. So I built a new profile, new URL. But now I can’t login in. So I built ANOTHER THREE new band profiles and I can’t login to any of them and I wrote MySpace and got no response. So I Googled “MySpace service sucks” and this page was the very first result.

  10. Dan Avatar

    I had the same damn problem so I set up a second myspace with a band profile.

    I though it was great to begin with but for weeks now I haven’t been able to edit my profile in any way.

    The only thing I can do is add pictures. What use is that! Cant customize the page at all. Useless!

  11. dubmania Avatar

    True. I tried the same fix. Does not work, then could not log in for an hour or so. I’m not sure there is a way.

  12. Rick James Avatar
    Rick James

    I emailed a complaint to this address, and recieved a response within HOURS. Not only that, it was from a real person who quickly helped resolve the issue.

    Feel free to email me if you need more info. I cannot divulge the person’s email addy, unfortunately, but I MAY be able to point you in the right direction…

    1. Jango Avatar

      Do you have an email address for anyone at myspace customer support?

  13. nadira Avatar

    I changed my password Sunday morning. Before that I changed it on Tuesday. Tuesday evening, I tried to login but was unable to. clicked on “Forgot your pssword?” 5 or 6 times and no new password was sent to my email. It is now Thursday!!! What to do?

  14. Matt Connolly Avatar

    I’ll happily add my name to the list of people who think that “MySpace Service Sucks“.

    Doing my part to keep this page at the top of google’s search results. 🙂

  15. marcel Avatar

    Forgot password

  16. marcel trice Avatar
    marcel trice

    1 more thing will they e-mail it to myspace or Internet e- mail and they will not take

  17. Matt Avatar

    I hope that DNS email works 🙁

  18. john Avatar

    i had my account deleted and i emailed customer service from myspace and i have got nothing…there is NO reason it should of EVER been deleted and now i’ve lost touch w everyone i was friends with over the world..i’ve been to philippines vietnam thailand china japan and i’ve been involved w anti racist action and food not bombs and many other green peace organizations…

    i’m leaving the navy and wanted to stay in touch w the ppl i met when i traveled..and now nothing!

    Myspace said…you cant recover a profile once its been delted 🙁

  19. Avatar

    I dont remember my password to login to myspace. Could you please send it to me to my HOTMAIL account wich is


  20. usertryingnottobe Avatar

    Boycott if you're tired of the runaround.
    Petition for better customer service.

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