MySpace Snatches URL Away From Indie Band

An unsigned band called Bones had a MySpace page at, until MySpace gave it away to the FOX television show "Bones" without giving the band notice.  To reconcile, MySpace moved their 2 year old site to the new URL,  Bummer — "7483383" is a tough band name to be stuck with.  Ya a gotta love the ‘Space.  More on the URL swap here.







4 responses to “MySpace Snatches URL Away From Indie Band”

  1. Edshugeo The GodMoor Avatar

    That sucks. The article doesn’t mention that MySpace is currently owned by Rupert Murdoch, who “coincidently” owns the network that Bones airs on. Me and the guys in my band, Hannity And Colmes, are pretty worried about this development.
    Kidding, but still, that sucks.

  2. Dave Avatar

    It now appears both URLs are once again showing the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, duo Bones. This doesn’t surprise me as a mistake like this can be extremely costly for both parties. Perhaps these glitches will be the spice used to add flavor and interest to the MySpace beast in the future. Controversy is now the big media fuel for MySpace.

  3. MikeB Avatar

    Dave – You hit the nail on the head. I’ll bet the band got the best publicity it’s ever received in it’s two years of existance. Kudos to them for taking a crappy situation and turning it into gold.

  4. Office Overlord Avatar

    “Hannity And Colmes”…that’s funny!

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