MySpace Launches Record Label

MySpace, an online community site that has become a top destination for music lovers and musicians sharing their music, has launched a record label in partnership with Interscope. I was initially excited by the news, imagining a new launch pad for independent artists. However, looking at the company’s first release, I learned it wasn’t an indie-only effort. The label’s first release, “MySpace Records: Volume I,” will include music by Weezer, the All-American Rejects, Dashbaord Confessional, Fall Out Boy, AFI, Against Me, Plain White T’s, New Year’s Day, and Hollywood Undead. Only Hollywood Undead is unsigned, and will become MySpace’s first signed band. The track list sounds like a “Best Hits of 2005!!” album. Strategically, it’s a good move for MySpace — including big name acts will help sell albums, quickly introducing a large number of fans to a yet unknown label and an unproven band. (of course, I’m sure they signed a band that is proven within MySpace itself). It seems a bit cheesy, but I believe it will succeed in a big way. (Btw, some great thoughts about MySpace by Robert Young on Om Malik’s blog here. Thanks, Taylor) ]]>







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