My First Recording…Spinning Daydream

Ok, here it is…my first recording draft.  Let me tell you, my respect for audio engineers exploded while trying to make this ditty sound decent…and it still needs a lot of help.  Maybe bloggers should just stick to blogging?

In any case, here’s the latest version — beware of the pain.  I would love feedback of all kinds, both good and bad.  Listen at your own risk:

DreamSpin:  "Spinning Daydream"     MP3  (a 192 kps version)

(If you have trouble, or the file plays too slowly, try the 128 kps version on my new Soundclick page)







15 responses to “My First Recording…Spinning Daydream”

  1. Taylor Avatar

    Keep ’em coming!

    And dude, you’re a musician first, a blogger second.

  2. MikeB Avatar

    Hey, thanks for reminding me. 🙂 But yup, I’m hoping to record tracks with increasing frequency. (How the heck does Jonathan Coulton do one a week?)


  3. Edshugeo The GodMoor Avatar

    That was excellent. I’m real impressed.

  4. MikeB Avatar

    Thanks George, and thanks for listening!


  5. Matt H. Avatar
    Matt H.

    man, i wish that my first demo sounded this good, haha. Seriously, You had to of gotten some help.

  6. MikeB Avatar

    Heh, thanks Matt, I appreciate the compliment. 🙂

    It depends on what you mean by ‘help.’ I played all the instruments (a few were synth modules in Reason) and sang all the vocals, and mixed and ‘mastered’ (if you can call it that) the song.

    But, as this was my first track, I did a TON of reading online and in books, and also seeked software advice from the forums. Further, I bounced an earlier draft off a couple friends, and asked my poor wife for feedback frequently.

    So yup, I definitely had help in the form of “how to” advice and feedback. But otherwise, everything was done on my home computer.

    A lot of people asked what gear I used; I think I’ll post a list. After that, for kicks, I’ll post a consolidated list of the feedback I’ve received (though that migh tbe a little too long…hm.)

    Anyway, again, thanks for the feedback, Matt!!

  7. Jay Avatar

    For a first (or second, or twelfth, or…) demo, that's pretty friggin' good man. Nice work, my friend, nice work.

  8. MikeB Avatar

    Jay, thanks so much for your compliment, I really appreciate it. It is my first demo, but truly, I spent a ton of time on it. Hopefully, my next track won’t take quite as long to record..!

  9. Marc C. Avatar

    It was worth the wait! While I miss the drum loops I’ve found other things to love!

    Really…nice work. The guitars sound great.

    Now onto the next one!


  10. Kelly Miller Avatar

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  11. xell Calderer Avatar
    xell Calderer

    Mike, that rocked! I thought the song was beautiful, and I especially loved the high notes you hit in the song. You are very talented – keep at it!
    Can't wait to hear the next one!

  12. Teresa A. Avatar

    Great song. I really enjoyed it. I have to are really good!! Great job.

  13. Mike Bolton Avatar
    Mike Bolton

    Hey man, this is really good. I really like your sound! Keep those tracks coming!

  14. Dave Avatar

    Wicked song dude. Wonderfully written and scored. I just wanted to give some feedback about the guitar. When you have nothing else underneath it (for most of the song, before you hit what I would call the “breakdown”, although I’m sure that’s not the technical name for it) I would like a little more reverb on the guitar. You did a wonderful job of deadening your recording space, but the guitar sounds like your playing nowhere. A tiny bit more reverb would hold onto the the awesome feeling of being right next to you while you play, but not leave the song so empty, and so “not in any room at all”.

  15. Richard Avatar

    Your song it was listened in BRAZIL (South America)

    >>ENGLISH>PORTUGUESE< Eu estava pesquisando sobre um software e sem querer abri seu site, logo escutei sua musica e gostei muito! Sou produtor aqui no Brasil e considero sua música muito bem feita para quem fez tudo isso sozinho e com estrutura caseira (Home Studio) você conseguiu qualidade de estúdio profissional! Ainda dou um palpite, sua musica poderá ser trilha sonora de algum filme. Ótima música! Estou ansioso para ouvir a próxima! Desculpe se algumas palavras estão erradas ou fora de ordem, sou brasileiro e ainda não falo inglês fluente, usei programas de tradução para ajudar a traduzir o texto. Continue neste caminho que você terá sucesso dentro da musica! (talvez show business...) Um abraço, Richard

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