Muze & Gracenote Hook Up


Muze and Gracenote announced a partnership to offer a solution that combines music identification technology and services, metadata, album cover art, album reviews and artist biographies in one unifed system.  Muze is contributing the editorial content, and Gracenote’s covering the music tech part.

GracenoteThis made me think a bit…

I’d like to see some sort of interface that allows indie artists to upload meta data along with audio data to allow for cataloging in one of these databases, All Music Guide, etc.  You’d think there’d a simple biz model model there…  A low cost ($1 per track?) channel through which indie artists can get their tracks listed in a major databases (along witha bulk upload option) would be sweet, could be profitable if kept simple, and would make such a database the "..largest indie music recognition service in the world…" or something.

At the very lease, Muze, Gracenote, and AMG should partner with sites like, SonicBids, and CD Baby to allow media feeds to include indie content in databases.  Again, just making it a low-cost option for artists would pay for itself…it could be a nice little add-on to an existing subscription service.

Granted, versions of the above exist, somewhat.  Orchard and IODA offer music distribution services, but not feed services.  I’m talking about distribution of the data itself, not channel marketing.  Anyway…just thinking out loud a bit here…







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  1. Joanne Avatar

    AMG already does integrate data from most indie distributors like CD Baby, IODA, and others around the globe. My artists’ info always seem to make it into AMG, though the process does seem to take too much time.

    Click on the “Product Submissions” button on the bottom of the website for more information on how to submit music to AMG.

    Muze has a similar link on their website, and the same problems regarding delays.

    Gracenote has a user submit system, so even if an artist or label provides data, it can get messed up (misspelled names, incorrect genres/credits/dates) by end-users editing the data. We have complained to Gracenote about this several times. They claim to be working on it, but the problem does not seem to be improving.

    Between AMG and Muze, AMG has the better quality and gets my music into the most retail outlets (both physical and download), at least in my humble experience. Muze is also important, but if you are on a budget, make sure you get into AMG at a minimum. Gracenote is mostly irrelevant to selling music.

    By the way, this is a great blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. MikeB Avatar


    Thanks for sharing what you’ve found..I should do a little extra research before going into a rant..!

    It’s good to hear some form of a feed is indeed offered, and that they’re working on improving it. I’ll need to check it out this weekend…

    Thanks again,


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