Music Videos = Future Viral Indie Music Marketing Tool?

Ok, this is stepping a little out of the realm of digital audio home recording, but it’s interesting. Music videos have traditionaly been used to visually promote bands and their albums, offered at no cost to television networks and other media companies. With database-driven music video services gaining ground and broadband services expanding, music videos are evolving into a valuable, potential revenue source at both the business and consumer level. A couple article tag lines:

After years of reluctantly treating music videos as free promotional tools, record label Universal Music Group is planning to charge Internet and satellite companies whenever they play.
Verizon Wireless…will offer music video downloads from Warner Music Group, opening up a new potential source of revenue for the No. 2 U.S. mobile provider. (thanks, Digital Music News)
Is there an opportunity for independent musicians? Unsigned acts may be able to offer self-produced, buzz-worthy, music videos for free as a viral, promotional tool. This could be expanded from music videos to simple footage from concert tours and recording sessions posted on websites…”Reality video” of sorts. But what musician has the time to shoot a video in addition to recording an album? Those that lead the way will reap the best benefits. ]]>






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