Music Doctor's Loop Labs: Study of Cubase vs. Sonar vs. Acid

Digital Music Doctor Compares Cakewalk, Cubase, and Sonar Loop ConstructionThe loop composition software market has been growing ever since exploding onto the scene with Sonic Foundry’s release of Acid (now owned by Sony) in 1998. Loop construction and manipulation tools give any PC ownder the ability to turn a simple PC into a home recording studio. The medium is especially suited for rappers needing to construct a series of beats to rap to, or DJs needing background breaks, atmospherics, and synchronization tools when mixing, mashing, and bridging music. Cakewalk and Cubase have since added their versions of loop construction tools with Groove Clips in Sonar 4 Producer Edition and Audio Warp tools in Cubase SX 3. How do they all compare? Digital Music Doctor breaks down the skinny in this comparison anaylizing eight loop composition-related catagories. ]]>






3 responses to “Music Doctor's Loop Labs: Study of Cubase vs. Sonar vs. Acid”

  1. beatmixed Avatar

    Loop Invasion

    ACID Pro 5 crashes all the time and it’s driving me nuts!

  2. Dr johal Avatar

    You cant compare acid with cubase.
    No professional use acid nor any studio. its only for kids.
    sonar vs cubase may be better for comparison.
    Although acid seems to be easy to use but, if you want to enter big boy pool dont waste your time. Conc on cubase.
    Variaudio feature is worth the price of cubase.
    Audiosnap of sonar g8 feature.

  3. Dr johal Avatar

    If you have g8 vocal or u can write good lyrics contact me together we rock the world.

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