More of a Reason To Jump Into Podcasting, or Create "Podcast Safe" Music

iTunes 4.9 To Support Podcast Feeds and DirectoryUnsigned musicians and bands should seriously consider both 1) starting a podcast, and 2) making their music “podsafe”. Why? Within two months, a new version of iTunes will support podcast feeds, according to Steve Jobs during the D3 Conference. Per Cameron Reilly, a Podcast directory and subscription manager will be featured, and Apple will hand pick content made available to users. Whether or not you podcast is picked, the podcast audience in general is bound to increase, as iTunes 4.9 exposes an enormous audience to a world of independently recorded and produced podcasts. If you’re a podcaster, you will have the opportunity to acquire new listeners. If you’re a musician or band, you’ll have the opportunity to make your “podsafe” (cleared for use in podcasts) songs available to a growing number of DJ-wannabes. There are many software solutions that enable podcast creation (I just mentioned GarageBand Podcast Studio yesterday). And there are many places to submit your “podsafe” music to be used in podcasts (PodcastNYC, GarageBand, and CreativeCommons are a few example channels). ]]>






2 responses to “More of a Reason To Jump Into Podcasting, or Create "Podcast Safe" Music”

  1. Rob S Avatar

    Thanks for the link in your post. Yes, musicians are very welcome to give me a shout about getting their music into the podsafe music podcasts. A sample song is a good way to gain interest for an independent artist.

    I’m also prepping a podcast specifically to provide tips to musicians who either want to get played in podcasts or get their own podcast going to promote themselves.

    Rob —

  2. mike Avatar

    Thanks, Rob. I think your service will be a welcome one to both artists and podcasters alike. Artists are looking to promote their material, and podcasters are looking for podsafe music. It makes all too much sense.

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