Microsoft Songsmith: An Evil App Used for Good

microsoft-songsmithYou may have heard of Microsoft Songsmith, a software that generates musical accompaniment to match a singer’s voice. (Imagine an 80’s Casio keyboard following your lead with one of its demo sample music styles, like Bosso Nova or Swing or something.)  The results are generally chillingly painful.  (Is that harsh? Here’s the demo…you decide.) However, brave soul Johannes Kreidler overcame the inherent evil of the app by composing the cultural masterpiece, The Billion Dollar Song, which quite literally follows stock chart implosions and such with graceful, even upbeat, melodies.  This is a must-watch:

So, perhaps we need not fear Songsmith.  You can get a free Songsmith download here, and create your own computer generated masterpiece.  We’re one step closer to 1984’s prediction… (Via Hypebot)]]>







3 responses to “Microsoft Songsmith: An Evil App Used for Good”

  1. tara Avatar

    Hm! I can’t wait to try that and see what it comes up with!

  2. Larry Rodriguez Avatar

    Exactly. And that service already exists: it's called Google.

  3. app demo video Avatar

    Every technology and new innovation, I must say due to my experience, comes along with its goods and evils equally but it is our responsibility that how are we intended to use it. It is nice to know that a basically evil program is used for a good cause.

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