Microsoft Admits: Vista Stinks (Tragedy in Three Acts)

Once again, I am SO glad I stuck with Windows XP with my new DAW rather than up upgrade to Windows Vista.

The NY Times has a great article that pieces together the events leading up to Vista’s many woes using email content taken from a current court case.  It’s a little sad actually…basically, a ton of people at Microsoft protested what they knew would be a problem, and were ignored by certain higher-ups.  (I love the fact that "Vista Capable" stickers slapped on new machines actually meant "Vista could possibly be used on this machine if you upgrade after buying it."  Too funny.)  An interesting and tragic read. 







2 responses to “Microsoft Admits: Vista Stinks (Tragedy in Three Acts)”

  1. HipHopMakers Avatar

    Vista was very disappointing. I don’t know what Microsoft is thinking sometimes

  2.  Avatar

    the web aint what is use to be, vista tinks

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