Metasonix TX-2 Butt Probe Effects Box

Every now and then, a product announcement outshines all others. The Metasonix TX-2 Butt Probe Effects Box announcement emitted a blinding light from my inbox last weekend. “You’re a GUITARIST, aren’t you?” Metasonix asked, to which I thought, Yes. “Then you must really enjoy your anus-stretching exercises.” Huh. I read on. Each TX-2 contains multiple 4BN6 beam modulator vacuum tubes, which Metasonix explains, are “…intended for use in crummy TV sets as FM detectors, and were NOT meant for audio applications.” And surprise, they sound really, really bad. (Just listen to one of the audio samples, such as “TX-2 Trashes a Sunny Afternoon”) However, there are only 100 units available, each one is hand-painted, and the product description is an enjoyable read…which explains the $549 price tag. Thank you, Metasonix! ]]>






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