Mega Man 2 Medley

mega man 2Are there any Nintendo veterans in the house?  (I’m talking the 8-bit old school version, not this Wii nonsense…which I dream about at night, by the way…)  If you shouted "Heck yeah!", then here’s a follow-up question — do you remember the game Mega Man 2?  Awesome game.

The Video Game Cover Band did an awesome medley of all the Mega Man 2 theme songs in this live concert.  They’re so right on, I actually had flashbacks of myself getting swarmed by mechanical birds and getting crushed by huge, spikey masses. (Thanks, Noel!)  Ah…the good old days.







4 responses to “Mega Man 2 Medley”

  1. Jay Avatar

    Nice find! I miss the old 8-bit days. Check out Facebook’s NES application – they have a decent selection of old NES games you can play online.

  2. garagespin Avatar

    Oh great, thanks Jay. So much for getting any work done at work again. Ever. 😀

  3. Taylor Avatar

    I still have the old NES… some day Ill have to bring it up and waste a tremendous amount of time.

  4. garagespin Avatar

    Your NES still works? I envy you! The last NES game I ever played was Nintendo Ice Hockey. What. A. Classic.

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