Making of Video for Snow Patrol "Just Say Yes" Cover

The “behind-the-scenes” video of my recording “Just Say Yes” is now live. As many of you know, I spent a few weeks recording an acoustic cover of Snow Patrol’s, “Just Say Yes”, the single from their new album Up to Now.  I also recorded video of myself doing it for a YouTube experiment.  See what you think…and if you’re up for it, maybe even favorite it?  😉







3 responses to “Making of Video for Snow Patrol "Just Say Yes" Cover”

  1. Jenny J Avatar
    Jenny J

    I love this song!! And your version of it! And your video is fun. I was really interested in seeing what each pop-up said next. Cool to see a behinds-the-scene look at how a one-man-band records a song.

  2. Daniel Avatar

    This is a fabulous song from snow patrols song, look into a label if you can you are on a winner peace x

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