Majority of Musicians Embrace Online Medium Despite Piracy

Pew Internet & American Life ProjectSo says a Pew Internet survey. So what? Well, it’s significant considering many musicians’ views 5-10 years ago, which were cautious or unfamiliar with the term (as was the music industry). Results indicate most US artists and musicians now embrace the online medium as a means of marketing and displaying work, despite the potential for piracy and copyright violation. Among the findings were: > 32 million Americans consider themselves artists and about 10 million of them get some kind of compensation for their creations and performances. > They want control over their creations, but most do not say Internet piracy is a big threat. > Online artists are also active consumers of media content online. See more findings at Gerd Leonhard’s blog, The Future of Music, Media, & Entertainment. (Survey by Pew Internet & American Life Project, “Artists, Musicians, and the Internet.” Thanks to Gerd for pointing it out.) ]]>






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