MacWorld Conference Focuses on Music – GarageBand, Apple Logic, DJs, Electronica…

If you’re located in or near Boston, you should really check out the MacWorld Conference & Expo on July 11-14. This particular fiesta will be focusing on music. A quick glance at some of the sessions scheduled makes me green with envy: Mac Music 101 – A Practical Introduction to Making Music with Your Mac GarageBand GarageBand Advanced Techniques Mac for Guitarists Pro without Tears: Graduate from GarageBand to Apple Logic DJing and Mobile Music Production: Go Live Podcasting for the Masses Recording Your Band iPod and iTunes Hacks Dayam. The Macworld and Berklee Music Festival will also be taking place, and conference attendees will be able to download music festival music to their iPod for free. Pretty sweet. I’d love to see events like this revolving around Cubase and Sonar… ]]>






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