Locomotion, Inpiration, Perspiration, Music

What I wouldn’t do for a few weeks with nothing to do but write and record music. A project without a deadline can be a difficult one to complete. I wish my problem was solely motivation-related. Recently, my creative projects have taken a backseat to work, excercise, and music blogging. Regarding the latter, something’s awry. I started a music blog to both support and enhance my musical development, not replace it! It’s 5:25, and I’m on a train headed towards Westchester. Replacing my daily “zoning” sessions with typing ones will hopefully help me continue writing. To any creative artist with a day job, I sympathize and empathize with you! (I can hear “One Song” from Rent playing in the background…) ]]>






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  1. TD Avatar

    what’s wrong with zoning sessions? the bane of the rush towards productivity…

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