LightSpeed Audio and Real-Time, Online Collaboration

Lightspeed Audio - Online JammingA press release about Lightspeed Audio caught my attention last week.  The NJ-based company just got $1.25M in funding for their real-time, online collaboration solution.  Sounds pretty cool.  According to the article:

The explosive growth of the Internet…has provided Lightspeed Audio with a tremendous opportunity to be a groundbreaker in the area of real-time, online audio collaboration and content creation. The Lightspeed Audio solution will facilitate music production between music enthusiasts, which could dramatically enhance Internet-based collaboration.

Of course, there are several real time solutions out there, and Lightspeed’s website is completely barren.  But it’s cool to think about, no?








3 responses to “LightSpeed Audio and Real-Time, Online Collaboration”

  1. Taylor Avatar

    wait- what does that mean they do?

  2. mikeb Avatar

    It means they will enable musicians to jam and record together, online, from any location in the world.

    So far, that hasn’t been achieved due to technological limitations.

    eJamming and Ninjam offer something that’s close, but it’s not real time, and only works with MIDI (i.e. not raw audio, but computer coded-music that requires special instruments. …That’s a horrible explanation of MIDI..!) I’m not 100% sure if this company will also work with MIDI, or offer real-time audio jamming online… We’ll see, I guess.

  3. Rik Frost Avatar
    Rik Frost

    If you’re interested in online music collaboration take a look at AudioFabric Desktop at Audio Fabric allows you to
    find musicians to play with and play together in real-time from
    different places over the internet.’s also got
    audio recording software built in so you can record your sessions as
    individual tracks and mix it down. Best of all it’s free! Check it out!

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