Launched a "Random Band Resources" Page

I’m launching a much-delayed “Random Band Resources” page containing important links to cool things for bands and fans alike. It is NOT an all-encompassing index of every music resource a musician or fan needs to know about.  It’s simply a list I’ll add to whenever I feel like it.  Hopefully someone somewhere will find some use out of it.  Or even better, add to it by dropping me a line. Some history.  A long, long time ago, I started a “Band Resources” page.  We’re talking years ago.  Much like my music projects, I never published it, because it was incomplete, unfinished, unrefined, and not “ready”.  And of course, that’s silly, because what project or content ever really is?  The audience for any content is dynamic, ever-changing, ever-adapting, ever-morphing.  So, I finally just decided to publish what I had today, as incomplete as it may be. Here’s to hoping you enjoy some random resources for music peeps.  Drop me a line if you think of something that should be added.]]>






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  1. Drew Gilman Avatar

    I am using a site called Bandzoogle to host my music website. I think it is a fantastic resource for those serious about promoting their music. Not only is it extremely user-friendly, it has a plethora of tools and integration of social networking to make sure you reach your audience.

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Drew: Thanks for the tip, I'll add them asap. I've heard of BandZoogle, but hadn't known anyone that's tried their service. Great to hear it's going well. Thanks!

  2. Dave Avatar

    Would you consider adding to the list? It's a website I launched less than a week ago and I think it will be helpful for musicians to get their music out.

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Thanks, Dave, love the concept. I read about it on Mashable — awesome stuff, I'll add.

  3. Ellen Avatar

    Consider adding to the list. It's a website that promotes unsigned artists, and allows users to download featured bundles for any price.. you can even decide what portion of your payment goes to charity and what portion goes to the artists directly. The website is also looking for unsigned artists willing to join and have their music featured as well!

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Cool, thanks for the tip!

  4. Marcus Taylor Avatar

    Great list Mike, good to see Reverbnation pop up a few times – they really are killing it with great services! A few other goodens I quite like are Splitgigs, Fanbridge, and Mobile Roadie!

    How did you find Jango out of interest? I'm about to write a blog post on them – would be good to get a few other opinions.


    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Marcus: Thanks! I've known about Jango for a while, from when it first launched as just another music streaming service (and before its artist accounts and services were launched). It was a great alternative when a company would shut down Pandora to increase employee productivity. 🙂

      Be sure to check out Brian Hazzard's post about Jango — extremely informative. Looking forward to reading yours!

  5. Bill Brown Avatar

    Everyone forgets the best resouce of all internet:

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      No doubt, Bill.

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