Last.FM: New Subscription & Artist Royalty Programs Launch launches a couple programsPretty big news from Last.FM, the social music site.  (If you haven’t used it, try it, it’s awesome.)  First, they’re enabling full song and full album plays for major artists for the first time — EMI, Sony BMG, Universal, and Warner are all participating.  (Unsigned artists’ music has always been playable…and even major artists’ music could often be found on the site to play in full, but anyway…)  Listeners are limited to 3 full plays per title, after which, they’ll be prompted to subscribe — yup, they’re entering the music subscription service game.

Second, Last.FM is launching the Artist Royalty Program where artists will be paid directly a share of ad revenue, based on the volume of plays their music gets.  It’ll be interesting to see what that actually works out to be.  In any case, go ahead and upload your original music if you haven’t already, and/or check out some of the new music available on the site.







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  1. barronpilgrim Avatar

    one of the greatest bands is LAST NOVEMBER however they are not getting the ink they deserve.

  2. MB300TE Avatar

    Hey guys,

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