Laptop Deathmatches – Electronic DJs Battle It Out

Laptop DeathmatchMore and more electronic musicians are battling head-to-head in Laptop Deathmatches. 

It’s the techo-music-geek’s version of a rap battle, where laptops replace turntables, and hardware and software rule the stage.

I haven’t seen one yet myself, but since reading an article about the trend in SBSun, I’ve gotten psyched about the idea.  If you’ve heard of a match taking place in NYC, let me know!




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2 responses to “Laptop Deathmatches – Electronic DJs Battle It Out”

  1. Matt Hite Avatar

    Would love to see what this is all about, too!

  2. MikeB Avatar

    I did learn a little more about laptop battles. There’s an entire site dedicated to organizing such battles here:

    I’m sure there are more, but here’s a place to start. Check it out!


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