Takes a New Spin On Old CDs

Lala, the CD trader bizThis is kind of interesting. is starting up a new business involving the trading of used CDs.  Basically, you send in an old CD using their ‘starter kit’ along with $1 (plus $0.49 for shipping), and select the used CD(s) you’d like to receive.  No subscription or membership fees are involved.  And interestingly, 20% of all revenue generated by each CD trade goes directly to the respective artist(s).  Operationally, that’s a huge undertaking, but I like the idea.

Lala requires customers to agree to delete any music ripped from a CD before trading it…it may not be enforcable, but it’s the legally correct move. is currently in beta…a friend of mine signed up and received an ‘invite’ to join the same day.  If you’re looking to get rid of that Ashley Simpson album you bought last year, here’s your chance.

(Thanks, Taylor)







5 responses to “ Takes a New Spin On Old CDs”

  1. Taylor Avatar

    You mean the Ashlee Simpson album YOU bought…

  2. MikeB Avatar

    Oh, right. Hey, it wasn’t me, it was my wife… 😉

  3. harry Avatar

    hah, i sighned up and got an invite a few days later + now i have my ben kweller cd……..sigh….

  4. peter Avatar

    I’ve been using it and it’s been great! I got rid of a bunch of discs (like an old anthrax cd) and got the new kanye west album in today. I found this link on a blog site that gets you into the beta

  5. Trevor L. Avatar
    Trevor L.

    Heres what makes this site successful- You’re not trading directly cd for cd. Sometimes you trade up in value, sometimes you trade down. If it were a cd for cd type deal, it would slowly just turn into a ebay-like marketplace, with no one wanting to trade a cd for another if it sells on ebay for a few more cents than the other one.

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