Keyboards Customized for Music Editing

Editors-Keyboards-For-Music-Editing-Software.JPGTwo words. Keyboard shortcut stickers. Editors Keys has created an entire business around creating software-specific “keyboard shortcut” stickers for Avid Xpress, Apple Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Steinberg Cubase, Cakewalk Sonar, Propellerhead Reason, Digidesign Pro Tools and Adobe Photoshop. Oh baby. I’m now tempted to defame my black Dell keyboard with candy-colored paraphernalia… ]]>






5 responses to “Keyboards Customized for Music Editing”

  1. mikeb Avatar

    Was my sarcasm detectable here? Just checking.

  2. Ryan Avatar

    Actually, I was taking you seriously for a sec there. 🙂

    If you REALLY want to see a d0pe keyboard, check this baby out:

    now THATS cool

  3. mikeb Avatar

    Oh schnap. Keys with LEDs that display different symbols depending on their function… Very funky.

  4. paper shredder Avatar

    I’m not sure if this is necessarily the keyboard to get, but I will say this — keyboards and synthesizers are the *best* thing you can get kids.

  5. leo Avatar

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