Kesha "Tik "Tok" Cover Song Smackdown

It’s time for this year’s first COVER SONG SMACKDOWN, with Kesha: “Tik Tok”. Three indie artists recorded videos of themselves playing interesting live covers of Kesha’s “Tik Tok” (i.e. Ke$ha), the #1 single in Billboard this week. Who’s version do you think rocks more?  Check ’em out, vote below, and support a new artist with a little love — it’s what the Cover Song Smackdown is all about.

Kesha “Tik Tok” Cover by The Shures

(Note: Song starts at 1:00)

Ke$ha “Tik Tok” Cover by Gia Farrell

Kesha “Tik Tok” Cover by Euphausia

So, which band do you think deserves “Tik Tok” Cover Song Smackdown bragging rights?  Vote to see who’s in the lead: [poll id=”3″] Thanks for listening to some new DIY bands giving Ke$ha a run for her money. Be sure to let me know what you think of the first ever Cover Song Smackdown in the comment section below. For those of you that want to sing along, here are the lyrics to “Tik Tok”:

Kesha – Tik Tok Lyrics

Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy (Hey, what up girl?) Put my glasses on, Im out the door – Im gonna hit this city (Lets go) Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack Cause when I leave for the night, I aint coming back Im talking – pedicure on our toes, toes Trying on all our clothes, clothes Boys blowing up our phones, phones Drop-toping, playing our favorite cds Pulling up to the parties Trying to get a little bit tipsy

[CHORUS] Dont stop, make it pop DJ, blow my speakers up Tonight, Imma fight Til we see the sunlight Tick tock, on the click But the party dont stop Woah-oh oh oh Woah-oh oh oh

More Ke$ha Tik Tok lyrics here






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