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Jay just introduced me to Josh Ritter’s blog, Book of Jubilations.  In it, Josh just started a multi-post series he calls Making a Life in Music.  Every musician and band should at least read the first post, which looks at the reasons WHY we create music.  It’s deep (don’t read if you have a headache) and beautifully written; I’ll likely return for future re-reads.  Latter posts are more practical, but equally well-written — you can see the common DNA shared by his writing style and song lyrics. I feel a little more like an artist again, having read his work.  And that says a lot, when so much of my life takes place in a maze of squarish cubicles.  :)]]>






4 responses to “Josh Ritter's "Making a Life in Music" – Good Stuff”

  1. Jay Avatar

    I like how you said that reading this made you "feel like an artist again." Remember when I said the other day that I was starting to get the itch again? It was because of reading "Book of Jubilations."

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      I totally get it, Jay. I can't wait to slap my headphones back on, and dig 'n' mix all the audio I've got recorded… Josh's words are no joke. Beware. 🙂

      1. ray Avatar

        like the music

        1. GarageSpin Avatar

          You like mine, or Josh's? 🙂 Either way, thanks for listening..!

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