Jonathan Coulton Finishes 52nd Weekly Song

A huge congrats to Jonathan Coulton for completing his 52nd, and final, "Thing A Week" song.  For his final recording, Jonathan produced a cover of We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions, using his fans’ handclap recordings in the production.  How’s that for fan participation?  A great idea.

I was always impressed by his ability to write, record, and release a single each week…I can barely even keep up my blog posts (note the last post date)!  Darn day jobs.  Anyway, congrats, Jonathan.








2 responses to “Jonathan Coulton Finishes 52nd Weekly Song”

  1. Taylor Avatar

    I’m impressed by the focus and execution… and the constant creativity in the face of a weekly deadline!

  2. MikeB Avatar

    Here, here. I'm actually amazed by it; I've been trying to finish my first recording for months… 🙂

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