Jonathan Coulton, and the Thing A Week Project

Jonathan CoultonJonathan Coulton is an awesome DIY musician success story — if you haven’t yet, check out his stuff.  He writes, records, mixes, and masters his own music on his PC home studio, and does it all friggin’ extremely well.  His lyrics are genius, and his chord progressions meanderingly wonderful.

Most impressive, however, is Jonathan’s Thing A Week project.  Every week, he cranks out yet another clever, hi-quality track that he posts on his website.  The man’s a machine.  Classics like "Code Monkey" (which techies can’t help but love) and "Baby Got Back" (a folksy cover Sir-Mix-A-Lot must be proud of) have made him famous in certain circles, and now he’s even got a fan base that devoutedly creates illustrations and music videos for his songs.  Geez.

I had the opportunity to fire a ton of questions his way…and JC fired answers back.  Check out the full scoop tomorrow…

Update: The interview is up, and can now be found here.




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  1. Jenny J Avatar
    Jenny J

    He seems very cool! I especially like the picture of him recording with a … what are those guys called from Star Wars? Those evil white guys? Anyway, looks like fun. Looking forward to the interview.

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