iTunes U and the Fall Music Mix

itunes u fall music mixSo apparently, iTunes U started randomly giving away bundles of 80 free songs to college students.  My wife received an email with the message, "Carnegie Mellon University and iTunes U are proud to bring you the Fall Music Mix."  That’s kind of interesting, because she graduated from CMU four years ago, she’s not an iTunes user, and she doesn’t own an iPod/Phone/Touch/Nano/etc.  (Correction: my wife just reminded me that she DOES have an iPod…I’d forgotten, because I’d been "borrowing" hers since mine broke a few months ago.)

I suppose that’s the genius of the promotion…get the youth hooked just before they start earning a salary.  Labels probably subsidize the downloads for the exposure to a premium taste-making segment.

Hey, whatever — score!  Thanks, iTunes U.







5 responses to “iTunes U and the Fall Music Mix”

  1. Jay Avatar

    …and get the kiddies hooked right before holiday shopping season. Brilliant!

  2. Taylor Avatar

    I got the exact same email. It actually makes sense to give it away, especially if students were going to download for free anyway. Better to use it as an opportunity rather than a threat.

  3. garagespin Avatar

    What? Ok, I’m a little jealous…why didn’t I get the email? 🙂

  4. Tara Avatar

    So I wonder why you didn’t get one, Mike? (And btw, I do have an iPod, you just happened to steal it after yours broke.)

  5. Rachel Avatar

    no fair how did she get that e-mail

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