iTunes 4.9 Incorporates Podcast Downloads and UPLOADS

iTunes 4.9 was launched today. The biggest news for unsigned artists? Anyone can UPLOAD podcasts — check out the shiny new button in the iTunes Store: The new iTunes Publish Podcast Button If you have a podcast ready, this is your chance to get it heard before throngs of podcasters storm the iTunes store. (It’s a little more complicated than it sounds — see requirements here) The iTunes store seems a little buggy and slow, however. I tried to create an “Apple Account”, and got the following error message: First iTunes tells me I already have an account... Thinking I might have created an account some time ago, I tried to send myself my password info: Then iTunes tells me my account doesn't exist..! What’s going on, Apple??? Despite extremely annoying glitches, this is exciting news: Podcasting has officially become mainstream. ]]>






4 responses to “iTunes 4.9 Incorporates Podcast Downloads and UPLOADS”

  1. Taylor Avatar

    Mainstream, yes. But too early? Most of the podcasts right now are just, in the words of Om Malik “time-shifted radio”.

    Will corporate interest in podcasting crush independent podcasters or help content-organize the mass of independent podcasters? (how many times can we talk about the “long tail”?)

  2. MB Avatar

    Om Malik is completely right — in terms of "User Experience," all Podcasts are are "time-shifted radio". However, podcasting differs a great deal from radio in terms of accessibility to the public. I certainly don't have the ability to construct a radio tower in my backyard and start broadcasting across the airwaves. Podcasts, however, are relatively simple to create.

    You bring up a valid point — I do believe corporate podcasts will indeed dominate the space. However, I believe the Long Tail IS still very relevant here. Some subset of independent podcasts will be found, loved, and spread among fans. Also, Indies aren't currently monitored for quality or content, giving them an advantage of rawness (which can be good or bad, in different cases), which can be appealing to some.

    In any case, there's no question — now is the best time to introduce a podcast, as it's still early in the space…

  3. Taylor Avatar

    Podcasts are distinctly different from radio in the accessibility to broadcasters (content-creators) rather than listeners. And that is what creates the long tail.

    Is there a first-mover advantage in podcasting?

    Speaking of which, when is GarageBand starting a podcast?

  4. mike Avatar

    Great question, Taylor. And I assume you were asking about a GarageSPIN podcast? 🙂

    A podcast _is_ coming soon..! I’m just not sure exactly when…it depends on how quickly I can figure out the iTunes podcast tag requirements.


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