iRadio and Music Player Live

For anyone that’s in New York on October 21-23, think about checking out the Music Player Live! summit in Times Square. Exhibitions, performances, gear demos, and seminars are all part of the gig. One announcement caught my attention. Motorola plans to unveil the iRadio Get Heard Network for independent labels and artists at the exhibit:

Through the iRadio Get Heard Network, independent labels and artists shall have the ability to create their very own radio stations that will be made available to broadcast nationwide on one of the most ubiquitous personal technology devices around – the mobile phone.
Sounds a little like podcasting, no? I’m very interested in seeing how artists will use the tools network etc. More iRadio info here ]]>






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  1. Taylor Avatar

    you know, the linked post compared iRadio to MySpace, as a platform for musicians. Why doesn’t MySpace offer a podcast or streaming radio station with the deep cache of musicians they have?

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