INTENT MediaWorks Intros Family Friendly Music P2P

Intent Mediaworks Launches MyPeer P2PMediaworks recently announced its release of the “first Family Friendly peer-to-peer (P2P) software” that only includes authorized copy-written music and videos. With the Grokster case hitting headlines lately, this announcement was well timed. Many consumers new to the world of P2P and torrent sites are looking for ‘legal’ aternatives. Mediaworks may very well capture a niche of legally-conscious users. From the article: “The software, called MyPeer(TM), is P2P file trading software that operates on the public P2P Networks such as GNUTELLA and allows only Family Friendly and legally authorized content to be traded between P2P users.” Independent artists and garage bands looking to promote their music may want to take a quick look at the Artist Signup page. ]]>






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