Instant Album Cover Art

My shot at painting 'GarageSpin'You’ve got a band. You’ve got an album. You’re all set to go, but your collective creativity has failed to produce cover art that you can be happy with. You’re in luck — check out the handy, dandy Jackson Pollock splatter paint site. Random clicking and moving about the page results in original artwork anyone can be proud of. Take note of my abstract rendition of “GarageSpin” in the image to the right. Sweet, ay? I love the fact that there is absolutely no explanation, no FAQ, no links, nothing whatsoever that clues the user in as to the point of the site, or the motivation behind its creation. Update: Actually, the creators’ names can be seen in the site’s title tag: Miltos Manetas and Stamen. ]]>






4 responses to “Instant Album Cover Art”

  1. MikeB Avatar

    No kidding? I didn't notice that. And Creative Commons-licensed. Awesome!!

  2. Office Overlord Avatar

    Also, if you play with it long enough, you get a small credit list and copyright notice in the lower right quadrant. It’s licensed under Creative Commons. Woot!

  3. Yashar Avatar

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  4. Meet Avatar

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