Installed the Dada Mail Email List Manager

Dada Mail free email list management systemI added a DreamSpin Music Alert to the website today, which is just an email subscription list for anyone that wants to know when new DreamSpin music is available.  (The sign-up field and button are in the right column.)

Since I’ll only finish 1 song once every 2 years at the rate I’m going, I probably won’t be sending many alert emails.  But for some time, I’ve been wanting to at least try to capture some of the interest there’s been in my music when browsers are just passing through.  We’ll see what happens…

I’m using Dada Mail, a FREE web-based e-mail list management system.  (BradSucks and MC Chris use it, so it can’t be too bad.)  I also checked out PHP List, but the installation instructions freaked me out.  Even Dada’s "easy-to-install program" was bit tricky for a coder-not-wannabe like me.  (Thanks to Brad for his help, a few months ago.)

For now, I’m just using the default email text and screen templates Dada provides, though it’d be nice to have something more GarageSpin-branded.  If you happen to sign up (no pressure, really), and notice any wierdness or confusion with any of the steps in the process, please let me know.  Thanks!







5 responses to “Installed the Dada Mail Email List Manager”

  1. Jamie Avatar

    Just about the song mxing?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. dreamspin Avatar

    Hi Jamie – I’m not 100% clear on what you’re referring to. Unless you’re referring to the “mixing step” of the recording process? 🙂 (I was actually referring to the email list sign-up process, heh.)

    Mixing is tough. I still struggle with it…I still tend to “lose” instruments in the mix without understanding why.

    But anyway, let me know if you were referring to something else? 🙂

  3. dreamspin Avatar

    Someone just mentioned to me they were having trouble with the sign-up process, specifically the part where you’re asked to type the letter sequence displayed on the screen, etc.

    Let me know if you have that same trouble! I may turn that part off (hopefully I won’t get too many bots signing up).

  4. jenny Avatar

    haha–I think it’s funny if these little bots are all reading about how you’re doing with your music! Maybe a bot will even submit a song to you for review. “Bot” is such a cute name for baby spam robot.

  5. dreamspin Avatar

    Well, you know “bots”. They enjoy quality entertainment as much as the next guy.

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