Offers Garage Bands Podcasting Service Offers Garage Band Podcast provides a new service geared towards promoting indie and garage bands using “a combination of podcasting technology, syndication, and viral marketing.” (If you’re new to podcasting, one of the best explanations of the technolgoy and its short history can be found at Wikipedia) IndiePodcasting includes the following benefits: 1. Podcast blasting to subscribers. “Our feeds are also actively promoted offline to college campuses around the U.S., independent record labels and other music industry professionals, music magazines and e-zines, online radio stations, and various others.” 2. Rotation in online radio playlists at “Alexa Digital Radio, a highly ranked station for rock and hip-hop on the Live 365 Network.” 3. An artist page on 4. Critique of all incoming music in terms of songwriting, production quality, vocals, lyrics, and musicianship. IndiePodcasting launched on February 12, and currently offers only two genre channels, Rock/Pop and Hip-Hop/Urban. 96 artists have participated thus far. Submission includes a $5 application fee, then a $25 promotion fee for a three month rotation if accepted. Taking advantage of new promotional channels before they become expensive and/or cluttered can help new bands. My question is, how many listeners want to download podcasts that contain 2-minute clips of songs instead of full versions? I would find that annoying as a listener. In any case, IndiePodcasting certainly presents an interesting, new promotional model for garage bands. (This site is also mentioned in Podcastingnews) ]]>






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  1. Tony Alexander Avatar

    Regarding the two minute music clips…

    IndiePodcasting only offers limited clips because we are a promotional site for musicians and not a music giveaway site. Our goal is to provide exposure to artists who are attempting to make a living from their talent. Most are selling their albums and we respect their right to do so, as should any good music promoter. Our podcasts are promoted to consumers looking to purchase good music and support independent music. They are meant to spark interest that will cause such consumers to seek additional info about the artists and we provide the links to do so.

    We also promote our podcasts to webcasters, indie record labels, music magazines and e-zines, college campus newspapers, etc., in hopes that additional opportunities will result for the promoted artists.

    The bottom line is giving excellent musicians deserved promotion and exposure. They are in the industry because they love the game. But they also play the game to earn a living and giving away their music is secondary to their ultimate goal. "Why purchase something you can get for free?" Common sense question, isn't it?

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