Indie Radio's Rennaisance and High Definition Radio

The Rebirth of Indie RadioWired had a great article about the expansion of microniche broadcasting in the US:

Noting radio’s declining audiences, recurring low-level payola scandals, horrendous public image, and competition for drive-time ears from iPods, satellite broadcasting, and cell phones, pundits have been gleefully pronouncing the medium’s last rites. But they may well be wrong. Rather than being on life support, radio in fact is on the verge of its boldest technological change since the introduction of FM stereo in the 1960s.
Hundreds of indie radio stations, such as Indie 103, are now being supported in lassez-faire fashion by behemoth players such as Clear Channel, leading to a content “Rennaisance” in the radio industry. This is huge for garage bands and home recording studio enthusiasts that are hard-pressed to find alternative promotion venues in a Clear Channel Rock/Pop-diluted world. Further, High Definition Radio (standards for which were set up by iBiquity Digital, jointly established by the major players) holds much in store for listeners. Reception will be dramatically improved (no more crackles and pops), multiple shows will be offered via single channels (imagine an Indie A and an Indie B Rotation that users can toggle between), TiVo-like functionality, and more. Broadcast radio, satellite radio, internet radio, podcast radio, mobile radio… Audiophiles rejoice! ]]>






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